Warp and Weft is a documentary that will delve into the world of raw and selvage denim, and reveal the underground culture of people who swear by this living, breathing, and evolving form of the most popular clothing item on earth, jeans.

Denim trends have come and gone over the past 125+ years, but a constant has always been the beauty and fit of a well-worn pair of jeans. With every step that’s┬átaken, a good pair of raw denim will fade with the owners movement, revealing wear patterns and hues of indigo that become a personal fingerprint of their wearer. As time goes on, these fades become more intense, as the fit of the denim morphs itself into a more personal shape, ultimately yielding a “perfect” pair for the wearer.

Warp and Weft will take you into the lives of raw denim fanatics, and document the people who wear, design, and make these unique garments. Everybody loves the perfect pair of jeans, but what really goes into the perfect pair? How did you get into raw denim? This and more will be answered by the people who live the lifestyle. In addition, we will be visiting one of the oldest selvage denim mills in the world, and showing the intricate process step by step.

Although denim is a global phenomenon, Warp and Weft will focus on where it started; the United States. We will be filming on the east coast in Washington DC and New York City, as well as the west coast in San Francisco and Los Angles, where the raw and selvage denim scene has more popularity.

This is a film that will have something for everyone, both newcomers and veterans to raw denim. It will focus on the culture as a whole, and get down into the fine details of unique pairs and styles. We will also be interviewing some figureheads of the raw denim community, from hyper-active participants on denim forums to the business owners who cater to the unique, niche market of the “vintage Americana and denim head”.

Most of all, this documentary will focus on people. We all lead very different and unique lives, but share a common bond in denim. Whether we work behind a desk or construction, ride bikes or play video games, everything we do makes it “into” the denim.

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